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Is there any difference between a blow molding machine and an injection molding machine?
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Is there any difference between a blow molding machine and an injection molding machine? It can be said that they are different, specific working principle, where the equipment is different, this paper will introduce the difference between the two in detail.

Injection molding machine and blow molding machine are two different process machines, in the process of machine production of products by the machine debugging temperature is not the same, if the return of materials and other processes for production, the damage to the mold and machine! This is not recommended for products with two different processes!

Injection molding machine production plastic parts, is the need for core, cavity, that is, punch, die together in order to survive; But the blow molding machine produces the product only needs the die to be able to give the product. The blow-molding machine is generally used for the production of warning column, plastic bucket, roadblock, septic tank, kayak, double-ring bucket, tray, solar tank, portable toilet, buoy, medical bedside, IBC bucket; Injection molding machine more common production of all kinds of electronic products shell, plastic card board, such as plastic basket.

The principle of the blow-molding machine is to heat the plastic and blow the plastic into the membrane or the hollow method to produce all kinds of plastic products machinery. Such as plastic film, bottle, etc.

The principle of the injection molding machine is the formation of thermoplastic plastics. It is similar to extruded molding, the difference is that the molten plastic through the nozzle into the closed mold, solidified in the mold formed products. A machine for producing plastic products by pressurizing molds with plastic. Such as: case, orange, close, pen, barrel, pipe and so on.

Even in the same material equipment, choose properties are not the same, an injection level, a level of blow molding, injection molding machine with injection grade material, blow molding machine used blow molding grade material, and the tensile properties of the injection level did not blow molding grade of good, so it's can be used in blow molding production to injection level, the same level of blow molding, should not be used in the injection molding production.

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